Should I get FRAXEL or a Facelift?

Not sure what treatment will help rejuvenate your face? This patient had the same question. Read on for answers! Q: My face is pretty wrinkly and I am considering the FRAXEL laser versus a facelift. I am 44 years old and want to look more refreshed. Are facelifts meant for people that have had more trouble

What is a thread lift, or non-surgical facelift?

What is a thread lift, or non-surgical facelift? A threadlift is a current facial rejuvenation technique used my many practitioners with the goal of performing a brief procedure and instantly restoring a more youthful appearing face or neck shape. While the procedure’s popularity has increased recently, the technique has been around for many years. A thread

4 Things to Know Before you Get Lip Filler

1. Take steps to avoid bruising BEFORE your appointment While most lip filler treatments result in minimal bruising and can be easily camouflaged with make-up, it only makes sense to take a few preventative steps before hand and afterward to minimize the bruising and swelling you may experience. The most important thing you can do

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty. What’s the big deal?

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty and piezoelectric technology may be a new term you have found as you read about nose surgery. This technology has been around for quite some time, but has recently been adapted for use in cosmetic procedures. The instruments allow precise carving of the nasal bones. They allow for unparalleled precision when performing certain