Dr Bryant performs facial plastic surgical procedures on both adults and children. Common disorders treated include cleft lip, cleft palate, microtia and ear deformities, vascular malformations, and burn/scar injuries. He offers these treatments here in the U.S., and during his international medical mission trips. On these trips, he performs free surgeries to children of families in need. He talks more about his experience on these trips here.

There are about 30 people that help on a surgical mission. This includes surgeons, assistant surgeons, scrub and circulating nurses, surgical assistants, anesthesiologists and CRNA’s, pediatricians and nurse practitioners. It is vital that the whole team work together effectively and communicate well for a surgical mission to be successful. Approximately 50-60 children receive surgical care during a 1 week mission. If you would like to donate to Healing the Children Northeast, please click here.



Dr. Bryant and REFINE | Facial Plastic Surgery and AestheticsTM provide a complete range of reconstructive services for patients after trauma or cancer. Due to the complex and intricate anatomy of the head and neck, skin cancers in this area are often treated using a special methods call MOHS surgery. In MOHS surgery, a dermatologic surgeon uses a special method to remove the skin cancer completely, and only remove the absolute minimum of nearby healthy tissue. This method works well in the head and neck where nearby structures can be saved from being included in the cancer removal.

After the skin cancer has been successfully removed, the dermatologic surgeon may refer their patient to a facial plastic surgeon for closure of the surgical wound. The closure of these open wounds are often challenging because they are normally very close to other important structures or anatomically complex shapes like the eyes, ears, nose or lips.

Dr. Bryant will often perform MOHS wound closures on the same day as the cancer removal surgery by the dermatologist when possible. In other cases, the procedure may need to be delayed and/or treated in the operating room. In these cases, the surgical plan and options for treatment will be carefully reviewed in advance so you can be confident in the plan.

In addition to cancer reconstructions, Dr. Bryant treats patients who have suffered from traumatic injuries to the face.  These injuries may be treated immediately in the emergency room, or in the outpatient setting within one of the surgical procedure rooms at our clinic. In cases of facial trauma involving fractures of the facial bones or nasal bones, surgery.


These patients underwent reconstructive surgery after MOHS excision of skin cancer. These procedures are typically done in the office setting and do not require general anesthesia.

This patient underwent earlobe repair after her earring tore through several years ago.

This procedure is done under local anesthesia in the clinic or medical spa.

Other commonly performed earlobe repair surgeries include repair of pixie ear deformity after facelift and earlobe reduction where a customized earlobe shape is designed and the overall size is reduced.