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Concierge Services

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Concierge Services

Dr. Bryant specializes exclusively in cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery. His experience, narrow focus, and world-class training make him an expert in his field. So, the REFINE team provides a boutique experience with above-and-beyond attention, ensuring each patient is relaxed and supported.

We’re with you through every part of the process with our personalized attention and concierge services available before, during, and after your procedure.

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We work with patients near and far. If you’re traveling to see us, we can help recommend and arrange housing or hotel reservations.

Personalized Consultations

During our consultations, we’ll create a customized treatment plan. We begin by listening carefully to your needs and working together to find the option that’s best for you. Our pre-operative consultations even include photographic simulation with morphing.

Operation Locations

Depending on your stay and treatment, we can help facilitate any transportation. If your procedure is scheduled at an off-site location, we’ll assist in any booking and planning necessary.


Overnight Care

We can assist in accommodating your post-operative recovery with overnight care from a specialized assistant or nurse.

Extended Support

After your procedure, we’ll even send you home with a personal cell phone number. You can call or text your physician directly with any questions you may have.

Next-Day Support

Our team will check in the morning after your surgery to see how the procedure is healing and how you’re feeling.