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Photo of Dr. Lucas Bryant

Haute Beauty | Dr. Lucas Bryant

Dr. Lucas Bryant is a board certified head and neck surgeon and fellowship trained exclusively in cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery. Dr. Bryant recently relocated his practice from Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York to the Nashville, TN metropolitan area...

Dr. Lucas Bryant Partners with the Exclusive Haute Beauty Network

Dr. Lucas Bryant, board-certified Face expert representing the Tennessee market, has joined the esteemed Haute Beauty network. The Haute Beauty Network, well known for their exclusivity, and luxurious lifestyle, is privileged to present Dr. Bryant as a leading Face expert and our newest addition to the Haute Living partnership...

Photo of Dr. Lucas Bryant standing on a small bridge
Photo of Refine Surgery owner Dr. Lucas Bryant

Dr. Lucas Bryant Dishes on His Most Memorable Patient Reaction

Haute Beauty caught up with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Lucas Bryant who dished on his most memorable patient reaction and his most requested procedures...

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Active Research

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