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Plump & Youthful Lips

Can Be Yours For A Lifetime With Lip Enhancement Surgery.

As a facial reconstruction expert and dual board-certified plastic surgeon in Nashville, Dr. Lucas Bryant can perform a natural-looking lip enhancement that works with the result of your facial features to bring out your natural beauty. Lip enhancement is also a great way to improve the appearance of lip fillers. Once the lip has been reshaped, patients that do use filler often find that adding volume to their improved lip shape gives a much more natural-appearing filler result.

Other patients find that the improvement in lip shape removes the need for lip filler.

At Refine Surgery, we take advantage of the latest techniques to create supple lips with a beautiful lip line definition that fits your vision of aesthetic beauty. Lip augmentation surgery can increase lip size, add volume, or both depending on your individual needs.

With results that always look natural, you can trust Dr. Bryant’s skill and experience to create beautiful lips that bring more balance, proportion, and youthful vitality to your face, whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or beyond.

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How Does Lip LiftSurgery Work toMake Lips Bigger?

A lip lift procedure works by re-shaping and shortening the skin between your nose and lip (also called the white lip or Phil trim). The result is a more voluptuous, defined lip shape.

With permanent results, a lip lift is an attractive alternative for patients that are seeking a more long-lasting alternative to lip fillers. A surgical lip enhancement through a lip lift raises the lip border so that the lips appear taller in height. For example, the upper lip border may be advanced upward toward the nose, thereby making the upper lip appear larger. The procedure is not considered major surgery as it is working with the soft tissues surrounding the lips only. When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Bryant, you can expect a natural-looking result. The surgery takes less than an hour to perform.

Lip EnhancementSurgery Options

There are various types of lift enhancement surgeries. Each technique is designed to subtly enhance the size, shape, and lip contours in different ways.

Subnasal Bullhorn

One of the most popular kinds of lip lift surgery is known as the subnasal bullhorn. This technique involves a tiny incision hidden at the base of the nose. A small section of skin is removed, similar in shape to a bullhorn. Then, the skin between the upper lip and nose is gently pulled upward and sutured in place. This relatively simple procedure creates the appearance of larger lips by advancing the lip border.

Corner Lip Lift

Another lip lift procedure is known as the corner lip lift. This helps make downturned mouth corners resume a more natural-looking position and is ideal for patients that look like they are always frowning.

SMAS Lip Augmentation

In addition to these lip lift styles, there is also a procedure known as SMAS lip augmentation. Unlike lip lifts that reduce the skin between the mouth and nose or injectable fillers that plump the lips, a SMAS lip augmentation is performed in conjunction with a SMAS facelift. The SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) is a thin layer of tissue just below the skin that is often lifted and tightened during a facelift.

During a SMAS facelift, some of that material is often trimmed at the end of the procedure. That leftover tissue can be inserted into the lips to create a more permanent enhancement than what you get from dermal fillers. While simple, in theory, it takes a trained facial surgeon such as Dr. Bryant to determine just the right amount of skin removal needed to obtain a result that is in line with your expectations.

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What to Expect From a Lip Lift

Most lip treatments can be performed in our office using topical and local anesthesia. If you prefer the comfort of light sedation, the procedure can also be performed at a nearby surgical center. In many cases, this surgery is performed in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Pre-Procedure Appointment

After listening to your cosmetic concerns and goals to increase lip size or shape, Dr. Bryant will examine the lips. You may be interested in discussing nonsurgical lip augmentation with lip fillers and/or lip enhancement surgery, weighing the pros of each procedure. Dr. Bryant will walk you through all of your options and let you know what each procedure can do for you. If you choose lip lift surgery, the next step is meeting with our patient care coordinator to discuss lip lift surgery pricing and then scheduling your surgery date.

Post-Procedure Experience

If you choose to take oral sedation or relaxant medications for comfort during your procedure, you’ll need to be accompanied by an escort over 18 years old on your procedure date. Lip lift downtime is minimal, with the incisions healing over the course of the next 2 weeks or so. Most patients take at l a week or so off of work for a lip lift. There are no driving restrictions after a lip lift surgery, except for patients that receive general anesthesia or oral sedation. Dr. Bryant provides you with detailed aftercare instructions as needed.

Why Choose Dr. Bryantas Your Nashville Lip Lift Surgeon?

For patients seeking a permanent alternative to lip fillers, lip enhancement surgery is an excellent option. At Refine, our board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lucas Bryant, specializes in the art and science of facial enhancements, offering a full range of surgical and nonsurgical solutions to help you look your best. Our office is conveniently located in Mt Juliet within a short distance from Nashville and surrounding areas, along with multiple surgical sites throughout the greater metropolitan area.

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