MINIMALLY INVASIVE DEEP PLANE FACELIFT (total face and neck rejuvenation)

One of Dr. Bryant’s signature treatments is total facial rejuvenation using a minimally invasive, deep-plane facelift approach. This procedure addresses the root causes of facial aging. By gently supporting the face and neck soft tissues and re-suspending them to their more youthful state, the result is wonderfully natural in appearance but also profound.

This procedure is typically performed under light sedation with local anesthesia and the patient’s go home or to their nearby hotel recovery room the same day. Recovery takes 1-2 weeks before resuming normal daily activity, and complete healing after approximately 1-2 months.

Because this method addresses the root cause instead of merely camouflaging the effects of aging, the results are incredibly long lasting and often save patients from having to undergo multiple additional temporary treatments as they age.

This patient underwent a face and neck lift under local anesthesia. Using advanced methods, the deep-plane approach was used to support and rejuvenate the tissues beneath the skin. The skin is then re-draped. There is no tension on the skin, avoiding any un-natural appearance. A dramatic, but natural result is achieved with this plastic surgery procedure.

This patient underwent a minimally invasive, short scar, deep-plane facelift for total face and neck rejuvenation. Notice that even though there is a dramatic improvement in their face and neck contours, they retain their facial identity, meaning that the result is still extremely natural in appearance.

This patient underwent an extended deep-plane SMAS facelift with platysmaplasty to support her neck, restore her face, and rejuvenate her jawline.

This patient underwent revision facelift surgery with re-support of her neck and lower face.



Not all patients need or want facial rejuvenation. Both men and women on occasion seek only cosmetic improvements of their jaw and neckline. In these cases the incision may be hidden behind the ear, or may be only a single small incision hidden just beneath the chin.

This treatment is permanent and treats the excess skin and fat under the jaw while also tightening up the musculature and supporting the deeper neck tissues. The procedure can be done in the office or in an ambulatory surgery center with the patient returning home or to their recovery room in a nearby hotel later that day.

This patient underwent a neck lift with Dr. Bryant. At her request, her face was not treated during this procedure. A small incision was made in a crease below her chin, and another around her earlobe. Once healed, the incisions are nearly invisible.


Due to the high number of facial rejuvenation methods, some patients elect to undergo shorter lasting or temporary treatments. Lucas Bryant, MD often sees patients who have previously undergone temporary facial treatments or a facelift by another provider with results that have faded. In these cases, a revision facelift is often performed. The methods and techniques are similar, but additional information is often needed during the consultation and there is an added layer of complexity due to the patients prior surgical treatments.

This patient was seen by Dr. Bryant after she had a facelift several years before from a different surgeon. She underwent a revision neck lift and a lower face lift.


As a patient, researching facial rejuvenation treatments can be overwhelming. There are many different methods and “brand names” for both surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Our promise to you is that we will strive to be as transparent as possible during the consultation process.

Dr. Bryant is skilled in both non-surgical and the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques for facial rejuvenation. Some of his patients choose to have their procedure using only local (injection) anesthesia. This means they are awake but comfortable during the process. The benefit of this method is that it allows for a faster recovery since no additional anesthesia medications are used. Other patients opt for “twilight” intravenous anesthesia. This is similar to what someone would experience when undergoing a colonoscopy or other small office procedure. An anesthesiologist helps optimize your comfort at every moment throughout the case. Twilight anesthesia takes a few extra hours for recovery, but can be more comfortable for select patients.


A deep plane facelift is one of the single most powerful, rejuvenating procedures available for the face. Because this method of facelift works by restoring the youthful positions of both skin and deeper facial soft tissues, the changes made are essentially permanent. While the results of the lift are long-lasting, your face does continue to undergo the stresses of aging throughout your life, even after a facelift. This means that even though your facial features will evolve over time, you can expect to consistently look many years younger than you would otherwise.

Interested in finding out what kind of facial rejuvenation treatment is right for you? Get in touch!