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AccuTite – An Innovative Option Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatment
of the Brow and Eyelids
June 8, 2019

“The eye is the jewel of the body” - Henry David Thoreau

The eyes and eyebrow area is both one of the central points of the face and one of first areas that begins to show the signs of aging. If you are tired of looking tired but aren’t ready for a surgical browlift or blepharoplasty, a scarless, no-incision browlift and eyelift with AccuTite just might be a great fit for you!

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Some of the most common signs of aging include a lowering of the eybrow, and excess skin in the upper eyelids. This excess skin can cause drooping, a tired appearance, and in extreme cases, even affect vision. Lower eyelid aging commonly includes the formation of eye “bags”, festoons, and wrinkling “crows feet”. To make things worse, the drooping skin and wrinkles make wearing eye makeup difficult.

AccuTite is a world-leading technology for ultra-precision skin tightening and fat sculpting. Dr. Bryant is Proud to be the first in the state of Tennessee and one of the first in the United States to offer this innovative new treatment. The small size and comprehensive safety controls of this treatment is what allows for the treatment of small, delicate areas.

AccuTite has many benefits including consistent, safe, and significant tightening of the skin, shrinking of fat, and targeted contouring of the deeper soft tissues. It can be used to permanently treat areas that previously required surgery for treatment. This includes the upper and lower eyelids, jowls, nasolabial folds, and brow. It can also be used to treat excessive sweating, decrease armpit rolls and rejuvenate the bags and skin aging around the knee.

AccuTite can be combined with other non-surgical treatments to get an even more powerful rejuvenation effect. It can commonly be performed in addition to skin surface treatments, like IPL, CO2 laser, or FRAXEL. It also works well when used along with other non-invasive treatments like neuromodulators (Botox, Juveau/newtox, Dysport, Xeomin, etc) and fillers. Treatments are typically performed in the office under local anesthesia. You can go home the same day. Most patients require only minimal pain control afterward. If you want to look as awake as you feel, please contact us for a consultation. We would love to meet you!


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